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Future presentations & peer conferences

Mob Programming Conference (May 2020) [postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak]

Nordic Testing Days (June 2020 2021) keynote [postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak]

Past presentations

Talk (w/Joep Schuurkes) - Mob Testing: Building Good Habits

Workshop - Wander With A Purpose: Writing Charters for your Exploratory Testing Sessions

Workshop (w/Lisa Crispin) - Turn on your headlights: Testing in DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Workshop (w/Joep Schuurkes) - How test reporting changes your testing

Workshop (w/Joep Schuurkes) - Building your own API testing framework

Talk - Doubt Builds Trust

Workshop (w/Martin Hynie) - How To Interview Like A Tester

Talk - Using Mindmaps for Team Communication

Talk (w/Diana Wendruff) - Less Is More

Talk - Succeeding as an Introvert

Talk - Testing When The World Is Watching

Talk - Challenges in Audio Mobile Testing

Past peer conferences